Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The sun is out...

Should this be the start of a nice day? Good morning, sitting here with my first coffee and it's brightening up out there.Very windy though. I'm back on late shift today,so I was able to sleep a bit longer. And I got the Ostara kit ready last night.Now it has to be packed into folders and can be uploaded as soon as I'm back on the Internet. Girls, I'm getting my sewing machine out again  I saw a lovely decoration last night and want to make that myself. It's kind of like a bag, but for flowers. So come next day off I will have go at this. But for now the Ostara preview and pictures of my Vase....amazing what difference you can make to a cheap,plain vase with some simple decorations. lol,yeah...I know,it's pink...but that's one of the Ostara colours...
Hugs,and till later.

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