Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Night shift posting

Hi, sitting here at work keeping myself awake with plenty of coffee. I slept half the day,which is why I post so late...or rather early-it's almost 2 am here. Watching the news was depresssing today,yet another explosion,radiation, strong aftershocks which seem to affect Mount Fuji...if that Volcano goes off as well ....then Bahrain declared by the King to be in a state of emergency,more fighting in top it all off,the Olympic clock which was only unveiled Monday evening in London stopped  counting...bad omen or what? the end I heard enough negative stuff and turned the TV off. On a positive note I lost another 2 pounds. Regular exercise and living healthy are helping,instead of chocolate or cookies this is my snack for the night. Melon,Apple and Banana fruit salad.
More done for the Wedding kit I was working on and a layout with my Sam.He is not supposed to be where he is,but looked so cute I just couldn't tell him off. Shaun is starting his new job today, so I give him a wake up kick out of bed when I get home later,and then I will crawl into bed myself. Here the images,and I'm off for now.Will post again when there is something to show or tell.
Hugs Snowy

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kPg said...

My move to the night shift will start in a couple of weeks. I don't know what to feel! I'm excited, but I'm also scared. I've written about the advantages and disadvantages of working the night shift. I hope you check it out and leave me some tips on how to survive the big change. Thanks!