Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting into the swing again....

Morning all,
I spent a bit of time catching up with reading blogs and some other Internet stuff last night. Afternoon and early evening was mostly spent packing away the thick warm winter clothing and getting the lighter things out. Guess I have to invest in some new t-shirts and jeans. I thought they were getting too big last year, but this year it's even worse. A lot of things are 2 sizes too big. Ah well....good excuse for some retail therapy ! Plus I can see if I can alter some of my favourite pieces with my sewing machine. By the time I was finished with packing and unpacking it was getting dark and I chilled out on the PC for a while. I have just  published the next kit , and will need to have a chat with my fellow Designers, I think. Kyra already said we'll have to catch up soon. Luckily I'm still off work for a few more days, I don't start until the 30th again.
But let me show the new kit and layouts with it -obviously there is a sampler again as well to pick up in my blog store. ELEGANZIA 2011

This is a new layout I made last night.I love the books by J.R. Ward and I can so relate to this quote from her book.
And this is the sampler
The Black Eyed Peas have done it again, I love their music and the newest song has Fergie singing more. This is one of those tunes which sticks in your head ...even through the night ,lol .I listened to it last night and this morning I'm still humming the tune.This was filmed in Japan just one week before the Earthquake and Tsunami. And it's now time to do my work again and get ready to go into town. Hugs Snowy

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