Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Slowly getting there

Hooray! The new phoneline is in  and working,just spoke to the Broadband provider and as my old modem is seriously outdated I'm getting a brand new one as well. I will have almost double the speed when it's finally all set up. And unlimited downloads...not just a certain amount each month. Otherwise I have been crafting again...well apart from eating icecream at the beach,lol. I was ready to throw the sewing machine out of the window last night. I was working on fabric which is not only thick,but also has an embroidery pattern. 3 needles broken, the thread kept can imagine the sort of swear words coming out of my mouth. But  finally got it done with a special denim needle. Here the result and one of my decorated eggs.
And now getting ready to go down to Life Cycles...Snowy will be cycling and getting a nice new bike and I'm waiting for this new handsome post man to bring me my Amazon order after he scared the life out of me driving past me and beeping his horn the other day....and grinning through the window seeing me jump,lol.
Till next post....hugs:-D

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smiekeltje said...

Congrats on your phoneline LOL! And soon internet will be there too hey? And much faster. Can't wait hahahaha.
Your crafts are wonderful!
Just returned from the shopping and have a few moments before to start dinner. So quick blog hopping and freebielist and may for a moment after dinner make some progress on a new kit.