Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little bit of Magick

Uuuughhh...this is it ! It's back to work for me and as always ......arghhhh...I hate early shifts! Not only are they boring ,but I hate having to get up at 5.00am as well. Ah well.... that's life !
I spend quite a few hours going through all my resources yesterday to find the ones to copy over onto my laptop. Then the other tasks like dusting ( sniff the smell of furniture polish!) and filing some documents and papers, the joy of cleaning the cat toilets and mopping the floors...all real exciting stuff, but as I will have not so much time again with work I wanted to get it done again before. And of cause a bit of shopping ,so we don't run out of anything.Yup, I think I'm pretty organised -there will be no rushing around the next days , everything is done.
Today I have a brilliant tip for getting rid of negative energy directed towards you. The common method is a mirror and reflect the negativity away from you....well, I found the perfect way of doing this. I went into Claire's accessories yesterday and there was an antique style necklace with a little mirror as a pendant. Wow ! Not only did I like the look of it , but cleansed (sage incense), with a little spell  and blessed this is just the perfect tool. Nobody will know what the purpose handy is that? Oh and beware of Mercury Rerograde.... it has the ability to mess things up and bring up things from the past, I think I had the "messing up bit" already with my laptop !
I'm trying to get the "Journey "kit uploaded and ready later on. This one and  this quote layout are made with it.

I told you before that one of my Dreamcatchers made a long journey across the Ocean. It has safely arrived and my friend Nikki  from Fall River/MA is showing it off.So glad she likes it.

And now I will have to get ready - I leave you with "Champion"
-Hugs Raven

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