Friday, March 04, 2011

Beautiful sunny morning...

Good morning, it's nice and sunny out there, far too nice to stay inside. It's 10.45am,I have got almost everything done in here, just waiting for the Washing machine to finnish now and then I will go out to make the most of this lovely weather. Maybe I find some things to take pictures off.
Last night Shaun and me sat here for a while after I came home from work and then I went straight to bed. No scrapping or designing done,the Pc wasn't even touched again. But I had some nice and funny conversations via my phone on Facebook. The good thing is that I don't need to sit down for that, I can chat there anywhere I am, in town,at work...perfect for a busy women on the go,lol. Tonight it's night shift again,so I have the whole day to myself. Just a shame I miss the New Moon tonight-no burning candles or incense at work. Anyway, I'm off-still some bits and bobs to be done.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Oh wow you're going to be on a posh wedding! Sure you are going to find a perfect dress for it!
It's time you get your internet back, though we don;t chat too often it;s just at these moments I miss it LOL. How is it with Erik by the way? Don;t hear much about that either.
Oh another strange thing, I received the birthday card I sent you back, with message "nobody at this address". Strange, it was the same address I think as on the package! Hmmmm, don;t understand.
Sometimes the post does work in mysterious ways hahaha!
Hope you have a nice day in a bit of sunshine.