Monday, March 21, 2011

Good morning again

yawn...just waking up with my first coffee. Yesterday was a mellow day for us here.Shaun has caught Nick's flu bug,so he is coughing and didn't feel too fantastic,I killed a Chocolate bunny...Snowy the Ripper,watch out ! ...and obviously our Ostara Dinner....yummie. By chance I came across some fantastic photos on FB which gave me the idea to download,print and frame them.But obviously normal boring frames are not enough,so I'm working on making them look more interesting again. Dreamcatcher production is on hold until I have more supplies again,I have run out of materials and need to do an order. My new modem should come this week,so once I'm back online I can search for supplies. Shaun seems photo shy in the moment,unless he can look cool,but I have some shots from yesterday while being busy in the kitchen...including knife in hand,ready to work on the meat,lol.So I made a couple of layouts last night with them...Snowy the Kitchen Witch.
And now I have things to do again,the Cleaning Fairies never show up so I just have to do it myself.
Hugs Snowy

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