Friday, March 18, 2011

With a massive grin...

I'm sitting here writing this with a huge grin on my face. Snowy is up to mischief ! After Kyra left the comment regarding the sock monster I thought "yes, I do it !",so I have just dowloaded a pattern for it from the link Ravenwolf posted on her site.(clever Android phone let's you download ) Now for getting all the materials together and sewing it....Shaun will have a lovely sockmonster on his birthday! I can't wait to see his face. Of cause it will be wrapped up very well with lots of paper and sticky tape so he will have to work to unpack it,Mother ready with camera....priceless...hahahah. Oh dear,I'm so bad,lol.Ah well,the next day is April fools day,so the timing fits quite well,I think. (she says with an evil laugh).....poor Shaun....mind you,he got me last night! I think I have to wash my ears better. This is what he put on Facebook :I thought I had a dirty mind....I said I want to watch "Paul", she thought I said "Porn" answer to that: Well ,my son,at least you know where you got your dirty mind from. Needless to say we both had a few giggles about this....oh come on,the words sound very similar,lol.....just wait...the sockmonster will get you!
I actually spent a bit more time designing last night,after I cleaned up the mess I left with glue and glitter from working on those eggs...not finished yet, but here two more quickpages from the Wedding kit.And that's it again,time to get busy in here and get ready....after this coffee!

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