Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunny,yeah !

Wow,we have great weather here,I was even getting warm in my jacket. I have just picked up our new router from the Post Office.I deal day to take the 30 minute walk. The weather certainly puts people in a good mood.On the way I had a fit biker shout "hey curly" and blow me a kiss,on the way back  2 High School students passed me and called me Katie Perry...yeah right-as if,lol. The sun must have fried his brain! So....anytime tomorrow until midnight I should be back online...if I can get this modem installed and set up...it's a miniature,lol...about a third of the size our old one used to be. Let's hope it delivers the promised speed. Anyway,here some pics to put you in Spring mood,which I just took on the way. Hugs Snowy

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