Monday, March 28, 2011

First Aid for Laptop

Hi and good morning again, it's lovely and sunny again , I'm so lucky with the weather during my time off.In other things I am not so lucky.My Laptop caught a Virus when I connected it to the Internet for updates after being offline for so long.Damn ! So the poor old things is getting First Aid treatment now.Luckily I have connections , and a friend has already erased the whole hard drive, I am now getting Windows 7 put on, and several other programs I need. Then it will be a case of putting back on and installing all the other stuff I need.Luckily I don't really lose anything, as the laptop basically had the same content as my desctop PC. So it's just a case of copying over again what I need. will take time to do this. So you can imagine what I will be doing later and tomorrow. Besides the fact of having to get used to Windows 7 and finding my way around again, I am so used to Vista. The reason this Virus could get on was because I have not been on the Internet with it for so long. The Virus program had no updates and that's why this thing slipped through. This shows you how important it is to have your Internet security always updated regularly. If my program would have had all the updates this would not have happened ! Last night we tried everything to get this Virus deleted , but it didn't work.After about 4 hours of work we gave up and came to the conclusion just to wipe everything and start new. So no new kit or layouts today, I didn't find the time for it, nor was I in the mood with this happening. Anyway, I thought I let you know what's going on. Now I will wait until I get my baby back and then the work begins,lol.
Just read Kyra's blog after catching the tiltle of today's post "Sex in the Garden". My first thought was "What the hell...? hahahahah.... lucky toad girl,lol.Us poor  Girls here have to stick to the BOB. (battery operated boyfriend,lol)
Have a good day , I will certainly go and enjoy some sunshine -Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Great hey, that Sex in the Garden LOL! Shit, not nice that you had the virus on your laptop. You are lucky to have somebody around who knows his way around with computers!. But it all is such waist of time, having to put up all you need again at the laptop. Good luck with it.!