Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yahoooooo...my laptop is back

Hi again,
got my laptop back in the afternoon yesterday ...well it was only downstairs... Russel did a fantastic job! It's better than it was before the Virus attack ! Windows 7, Photoshop CS5,Paint Shop Pro X3 and various other fantastic programs.Now , today, all I need to do is copy all the brushes,  styles, gradients, actions, Patterns (for PS) and Scripts and all the other stuff (for PS) over to my laptop, plus the resources I want to to work with next...oh yes...not to forget the font folder, I love all my different fonts, specially the dingbat fonts as well ! I still have to install the Preset Viewer, and copy some music files as well-so I can sing along when I design as well.
Definitely the Black Eyed Peas album , that's one of my favourites in the moment, apart from Rhianna and David Guetta.
Deb (my friend and soul sister in Florida) made me die with laughter yesterday ...why? See for yourself...I made a layout.
Yeah, I know -we are bad ! But we have sooo much fun in the process,lol.
ok-I confess: 3 of us girls have signed up on a dating website and it's ...hmmmm...interesting , to say the least. Jaedyn is wetting herself laughing most of the time, Deb got scared (it takes a lot for Deb to get scared! ) with mail from an S&M guy, and me???? Well , post from about 20 guys in 3 days, messages like:"you look hot in your pictures" (delete  ) , and what sort of messages is this? "Hi there sexy,how are you? Up to anything good? "-delete after my reply: "try your slimy pick up lines with someone else, go play with yourself !"
Then there's the"baldy Man"type, they really write quite nice and I'm sure some of them are lovely guys ...but I don't know how these guys think to keep up with me? And I'm really not that much into 50ies music or going to bingo. I doubt they'll invite me down to Hush-which is our local Club , or to a concert(at least not my type of concert)
This one was really nice. How sweet is this? He writes: "My name is .......
I just have to say that you are stunningly beautiful.If you like the look of me ? Then Id love to get to know you." Do I like his look? Hell yeah- he's cute,lol....anyway , this is fantastic entertainment, it's fun to shop around , if you get my meaning.And of cause we share all our stories and have a right good giggle. Deb calls most of the guys "douche bags" ...hence the expression on my layout.So that's part of our evenings, on the dating site and then share the stories and even pics on FB between us. Most of the time I go to bed with stomach ache from laughing too much. 3 bad girls together ....recipe for disaster ! Not for us, but for the guys,lol.
And now I better go.Tidy up,to the shop- I want to fill up the fridge and freezer this morning before I start work tomorrow again, and then get busy with that laptop.I leave you with this- another song I like .....Wonderman
Hugs Raven

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