Thursday, March 03, 2011

Search for a dress again

Wow, got my invitation for Christines wedding yesterday,so the search for a dress is on.It won't be till August,but dress code is formal. The Wedding takes place at Somerleyton Hall,residence of Lord and Lady Somerleyton ...never mind the Royal Wedding! I have another posh Wedding to attend. Also looking forward to explore the Labyrinth in Somerleyton Gardens,if you hear shouts of help or don't hear from me I got lost,lol. Andi is playing DJ I hear,hog roast in the evening,but I am one of the few lucky ones who is invited for the whole day,including the ceremony. Sarah is the Wedding coordinator,and I have already seen the Wedding dress ...nice! Colous are all very traditional,champagne,pastel rose pink, I guess I will get a dress which fits into that sort of colour scheme...but Snowy style,lol.How about a vintage light green ,or dark gold/bronze tone for my outfit? I cannot see myself in pastel pink, but a dusky dark rose maybe? Decisions,decisions...well, you know what my next kit will be...need to have those colours to match all the photos I will take! And Christine likes to scrap,so that will be a little gift to her as well.
It's 10am and I got most of my work already done. I went to bed a short time after I came home from my late shift last night.As a result I was also awake early and full of energy this morning. Not much to show but one quote layout I made 2 days ago as I didn't even touch the Pc here at home again yesterday. I had a quick look what's going on at a few blogs at work ,that's all. And that is also all from me for now.Have a great day-hugs Snowy

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