Saturday, March 26, 2011

1...2...and 3rd kit for the weekend

Hi and morning , big cup of coffee in front of me (essential !)  and  somebody has switched the sun off this morning. We were getting spoiled with sunny Spring weather here last week but today it's grey and damp out there. Let's hope it will get better again for a few more days, at least until I have to go back to work.
I watched Paul last night - a damn funny movie-love it ! Here a trailer - see yourself,lol

Then I uploaded the third kit to publish. Slowly but surely I'm catching up, but I still have not finished going through all the e-mails. Shaun  did a 12 hour Night shift last night,and this morning when I came down he was hogging the computer ...bloody games addict! I told him to get his ass to bed.Reply: "almost sounds as if you want to get rid of me."
Yes- my boy, get the hint ! You are disrupting my daily routine. Thank Goddess , he is in bed that means no loud music for me ...don't wanna wake him up-he needs his beauty sleep ,lol. You know what?I look forward to the time when he can stand on his own two feet and moves out to get his own place.As much as I love him , he drives me nuts sometimes.I'm just glad he isn't 14, it would take a lot longer then! My colleague said to that the other day "yes, but then you will have the Grandchildren soon" ....oh noooooo ! No way ! ....doesn't bear thinking about ...I'm just starting to get back on my feet financially (not quite out of the woods yet after the divorce but getting better slowly after a nice pay rise) and want to travel and see places , and.. (excuse the language) ...fuck being tied down ! Sorry , I am too independent for that now and quite like my freedom.
So let me show you the kit in detail. I have shown some layouts with this the past weeks already. This is Midnight Magic

Plus Sampler and Sorceress png Tubes for CU
Today is Earth Day  -read more about it here
154 countries taking part so far. For one hour we switch all our lights off , no hardship-I love candle light ! Plus tonight we switch our clocks over to Summer Time here in UK.
I think this post is long enough , so I leave the music and some other interesting stuff for tomorrow. I had a PAST LIFE READING and the result was very interesting to say the least and made a lot of things clearer- but that's for tomorrow. For now it's enough -have a great weekend !
Hugs Snowy

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