Saturday, March 05, 2011

Nightshift morning

Ughhh...yawn...just came home from my night shift,having a cup of tea and then bed. The sun is already out,makes me want to stay up and enjoy the nice weather instead of closing the curtains and going to sleep.I feel like I'm wasting a beautiful day by going to sleep. But I need to be fit for another shift tonight.It's not so bad when it's cold,wet and grey outside-just perfect to get cozy under the quilt.But a sunny morning like this just makes me want to stay up.
I actually did some designing but not enough to show yet. So far I have 10 backgrounds and only 5 elements.  So I will carry on later,after I had my beauty sleep. I did go out yesterday, but I went into town. I read about one of my favourite Shops having  a Sale,so I thought I check out the bargains. And I got lucky! I found a boho style blouse and a sweater plus matching pants,which are not only ideal for jogging or work out, but they are also comfortable when working night shift. Plus I will be getting myself a bike next week,so they're perfect for cycleing as well. Well,that's all the news for now,not much time for exciting stuff while working-this Witch is off to bed now. Hugs Snowy

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