Saturday, March 19, 2011

Evening Post

Hi,it got a bit later than originally planned with my post.Dinner took quite a while to prepare and cook,plus waiting for Shaun to be home from work. If you cook everything fresh without using pre processed food it takes a while longer,but so worth it. You will not believe what I found in the store here! Snowy is in Chocolate heaven...drooling...going almost orgasmic....whooohoooo...Hersheys! I couldn't believe my eyes....bars...Hersheys Kisses...oh Mama mia...yum! Needless to say my thought was"stuff loosing weight a few days...time for a treat" I was still good though,maybe a bit too good. I seem to have pulled a muscle while doing my workout with the weights,so I have to take it a bit easy for a few days now. I also made the Equinox Blessing Jar I posted about,from Silverravenwolf's page.I took some pics and made them into two layouts.The images on the jar are all my designs and of cause my little Raven,which I printed and cut out.The jar contains lavendar,camomille,rosemary,mistletoe and I added lavender,basil and vanilla oil as well...apart from the other items.And the "Butterfly" I was working on is finished as well. As you can see I keep busy enough even without Internet,lol. So now I will post these images and then I will have a look if I can see the Supermoon. Even though it was nice all day the weather forecast predicted cloud cover for tonight.This is one of the occasions where I pray that they got the forecast wrong. So have a great afternoon or evening,wherever you are and also a fab Ostara weekend. Hugs Snowy

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