Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awhoooooooo...... new kit and sampler in Store

Lol, morning everybody;
hmmm,guess you're wondering what the "awhooo..."is for. Well, 2 things really - a) I have the Ostara kit plus sampler in store and reday set up, b) I'm just listening to a song which makes it rather hard to sit still and the awhooo is part of the song,lol.
Anyway , absolutely gorgeous weather again here and the temperature is perfect.I had to get myself a new pair of sunglasses yesterday because it was so bright. And -just to rub it in ...this is how I was out yesterday.Yup, warm enough to wear a short sleeve t-shirt !
Well, this is what's in Store now.

 Plus the free sampler and a CU pack of bunnies as well. (without the grass and flowers, they are preview only)

And now it's time to get active in here and catch some more sunshine later. I leave you with,lol
Hope you all have a brilliant day -Hugs Snowy

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