Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About f*****g bloody time ,lol-I'm back with February freebie part

Hi , just got router set up and got connected again, First task was to upload the free part for February....rather later late ,lol...but better late than never. You can pick it up in the forum
Next task will be to get the Store open again and a few new kits uploaded. But I'm in no hurry with that. And then March free part as well , I suppose. Not too sure what is happening with March download , been off for so long.But this would normally be my free part...we'll see...I'm dreading to get into my e-mail account -how many are there going to be? I will read the last 3 days, the rest later.....much later..."sigh"...or tomorrow.... or maybe next week.... "groan".... or I might just use the sweep action which deletes them all....only kidding ,lol
Anyway,I'm off for now-weather is far too nice to get stuck at the PC. I will reserve sitting at this desk for dark evenings or rainy days,lol.I can finally post some music again ...whoohooo .... this is what I go mad with in the moment-makes a great work out,lol....let's shuffle !

Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Welcom e back to the world LOL!
Lots to get done and talk about, but all easy peasy. No idea what is happening with the forum downloads, I even haven;t posted my part for March, don;t know if Miriam and Edna have something LOL!
Well, it has still aa bit time, I suppose. First catch up with your mails and store and you just let me know when you have a bit of time, we first should have a little chat, I gather.
Hope the weather is as nice with you as it is here today.!
Have a lovely day