Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Had a day blogging break

Hi again,
you probably noticed I didn't post yesterday. I was on night shift.When I came home in the morning I went straight to bed, when I got up I dyed my hair,did my usual tidying up and cleaning, went to the shop to get some fresh milk , cooked dinner and then it was already time to have a little nap before starting another night shift. This morning I'm posting before I go to bed.
I am impressed with PS CS5 extended version , and also Paint Shop Pro x3. Both programs definitely have improved from previous versions. I had a few days now to play around, try some new things and get used to the changes and I have to say, the effects I am achieving now are great. PS CS 5 also has 3D functions now, which means I can start learning to make it work together with Poser.But one step at the time, I still have not tried and explored everything. The downside to CS5 is that some of the older actions don't seem to work correctly.I discovered two so far , which were made to work with CS2 . I will try and see if I can adjust and edit the actions to make them work again.
I made two QPs from the new backs and elements-all are results of just experimenting and getting used to the programs. Not bad for practice work,I think. I still have not installed all the presets for it, Al Ward makes sure it takes me a while to get everything done.He has just released more stuff to download.

 Today I will catch up with some work in here, which I didn't find time for while on shift and chat a bit with some friends ...mellow...no stress, no hectic. But first -sleep ! Shaun is at work himself until tonight which means peace and quiet. Tomorrow is  "INK DAY"which means I am getting my new tattoo.And now I'm off to Dreamland -Hugs Raven

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