Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last day off again

That's it- the last day off and back to work tomorrow for two early shifts. This morning I have finished the painting, got everything cleaned up, ironed my work clothes for tomorrow and late afternoon I will be meeting up with Date No.2.
We've been chatting and also talked on the phone last night, so I'm nosey what Jack will be like in person.
Saturday night I will be going out with Date No.1 ,Stephen. We'll be going to a pub where a live band is playing-Metal Music,lol. We are both working later on Sunday, so we can stay out a bit longer and have a few drinks...Guinness...mmmhhh. Don't laugh- Date No.3 appeared yesterday evening -but he will have to wait. Three is more than I can handle,lol.I can see Kyra grinning now-she already commented on the two Iam dating yesterday. Hey, I'm in no hurry to rush into any relationship and before I do I really check them out .I know what I want and definitely won't go for anything less. But hell, I am enjoying myself in the meantime !
Guess what I can get here in the moment? Asda is still doing a promotion of Chocolate ! Yes- yummmieee-treat last night ,lol.
In the meantime the cats were chilling out after I finished with the painting, specially Sam looks really cute like this.
Lol, and now let's get ready to
go out ! That's me yesterday,early morning, mischief on my mind again-it was nice and sunny again, just today it's more overcast and dull. But as long as it's not raining I won't complain. Hugs Raven

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