Sunday, April 03, 2011

More practice and new resources

 Morning ... I spent some more time practicing on those new programs and came up with some good results. In fact-I am very happy how these turned out ! First I started to make some overlays, then papers and eventually elements to fit those. The overlays I packed up as another new CU Overlay pack and put them into the Store as well. Here are quickpages and a preview.

These are the overlays
 I used to make these papers
Then I also got busy on another pack of tubes-this is one of my favourites. The Morrighan-also CU and in Store now
I even made a layout with some new stuff. The thought behind this is that people often think I am a quiet person. Truth is I watch and register everything -they don't really know me,lol. It's quite funny really,I don't show my true colours until my mind is made up. Often people don't see what goes on with the other person.Watching, intuition and my empathy help me to get a clear picture. Sometimes I know straight away if I like someone- same as I know when I do not. But often it takes a bit longer to see what the other person is really like.
In the moment I'm sitting here with "bitter sweet chocolate" on my hair...I should be a real sweetie after that,lol ...just the hair dye itches and I can't scratch without getting black fingers...bummer ! Anyway...I'm off and will tidy up a bit while this stuff on my head drives me nuts .... oh, and "happy Mothers Day " to all great mums out there ... yup, it's Mothers Day in England today. Hugs Raven 

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smiekeltje said...

hi Snowy,
I ha to catch up a bit the blog reading, left it alone during the weekend. And oh my, there suddenly is a lot to read, amazing, in just two days LOL!
We are blessed at the moment with the weather, and I love it. How funny you suddenly found an old friend again, on that dating site! Those things sometimes make a nice surprise and give a little "Schwung" to a day, isn't it?
Must go posting now, have some nice things to tell and I am already a bit late, so off I go!
P.S. the prawn salad looks yummie!