Monday, April 18, 2011

A sunny Morning again

Good morning ! Oh boy ,I really have luck again with the weather during my time off ! The weekend I spent a lot time outside in the sun, and..... I have got my bike now! So I have been cycleing around a bit. My muscles ache a little ,but it's lovely just to peddle along in this gorgeous weather, so I don't let that stop me. And another pound is gone ! All together from when I started to weigh myself  it's now 27 pounds I have lost so far. Waiting for the 30 pound mark, and then I will definitely treat myself. Seen a nice pair of cropped Jeans - just right for Summer ! Apart from that I have spent mornings and evenings chatting to a certain person, been up to mischief with my crazy "sister" and just had a great weekend. So enjoying the sun,lol ! Temperature went up to almost 70 degrees , so it was a case of jacket off and catch some sun.
In between a little bit of designing in the evenings and trying out some new things.You know me, always wanting to learn more and try different techniques.
Here some of the stuff I made. And the templates for the torn paper is made by me-not using any templates.

The work on this will carry on ....slowly. Today I will  clean the windows here, get the curtains washed and tomorrow it's back to work for me. Still have to install the webcam on my laptop as well.... now where did I put that installation disc? I hope the thing still works, it's been such a long time since I used it last. Tomorrow it's back to work , but as our office is moving  it will be no shifts for 3 days-I will just work 10 am to 6 pm, while everything has to be set up and we will get training on the new equipment. I'm off now- have to check my e-mail and then get started in here, and out with my bike again later -let's see if I can't loose a few more pounds,lol.Hugs from the crazy Witch....:) Leaving you with a video I am really impressed with
Katy Perry with ET - that make-up on her is art!

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smiekeltje said...

Nicw you have such a good time when you're off from work! Yeah, till now we are lucky with the weather.
Start slowly with the bike, then i t will not hurt so much LOL! Hope you have a real good lock on it, here they love to steal bikes!
Greaat for Minky all the legal stuff is done for the project, she must feel very happy!
Enjoy your last day off, if the weather is a bit like we have, you should be out for a while!