Thursday, April 07, 2011


Hi again,
yet again I didn't get much done, only played a bit in Poser. I finally installed my preset viewer on the laptop, then I couldn't find the activation code-but thankfully Tumasoft make it easy to get access to it, even if it's an older version. I tried to figure something out in Photoshop and lost patience in the end. My arm was stinging as I had the Tattoo done in the evening. I had to clean off the blood and cover it with healing creme...oh boy ! My arm was on fire ! During the night I woke up a few times when I accidently rolled over onto it a few times, as it's the side I sleep on normally can imagine I was cursing a bit.The first tattoo was only black outlines, this one is fully coloured in , so it's a bit more sore.
In the afternoon I was sitting outside on a park bench with a book and my phone , which doubles up as mp3 player, after I got the shopping done.
Ron took a picture of the tattoo as soon as he was finished. The leaves will be green when it's healed , at this stage the ink is still mixed up with blood, which is why it looks brown.
This is only a mobile phone pic, I made a couple of pics on my camera this morning.You can really see the colours coming out now, although it's still sore and red around the edges.

Here is what I created in Poser to go as elements with the kit I currently work on.
And this has to be all again for today -have a great day.
Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

Brrrr, it would be something for me, a tattoo!!! But as long as you are happy with it, go for it girl LOL!
Hope today and tonight it will be less painful for you!
Didn't do much either, took a nice nap this afternoon, I needed that!
Posting freebielist now and then makes us something to eat!