Friday, April 08, 2011

Hippy Chick

Hi and Good morning,
It's such a beautiful sunny day-the perfect time to release  "Hippy Chick" ,I think.It's just uploading and I am putting it into the Store after this blog post. So let me show you the previews and layouts I made with it so far.

Here some layouts/qp
Didn't do much yesterday, for a start I had to stay out of the sun- it bleaches the tattoo colours as long as it hasn't healed completely and the ink is settled more into the skin. So I had a completely lazy day and rested my arm. With good results, the soreness and redness is gone, I can finally have a shower as well , just have to be careful not to rub over it so the thin crust comes off. It could result in patchy colour otherwise -yes, you have to watch and consider all these things. It's not just a case of getting the tattoo done, there is such thing as after care , keeping clean, dry , but regularly putting on healing creme. Covering it up before going to bed or wearing clothing over it , as this could rub, plus there is ink coming off for about a week and you don't want to stain your sheets or clothing.  There- learned something new? By the way.... ext messages and each time I get another one I have a huge grin on my face,lol. We'll see..... tomorrow I have a freebie surprise for you , so stay tuned.And now to sending out orders and setting up this kit.
Hugs Raven

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