Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New kit in Store now

Hi all, I managed to get the previews done and I'm uploading the new kit as I write this .This is a biggie ! I had to pack it into 7 foldersWhich are uploading right now,- OK ,let's start the show again -here are the detailed previews.

I'm not sure what I will get done the next days. Our office will be moving so I have to go and get photos taken for a new ID card, also my bike should be ready to be picked up Wednesday or Thursday , then it will be night shift time again , which means beauty sleep during the day. I'm a busy girl !
Photobucket were doing some upgrades, so no pictures were avaliable , I hope this will be finished soon as even my blog backgrounds are hosted there.
Lol, I know Kyra was expecting an update re.dating- let's just say I am not rushing into anything ! Unless everything is right with the guy...and that will not be easy. I don't just want "a nice guy" -those would bore me after one week of seeing or talking to them, the guy will have to be very open minded, hard working..Oh yes, I know exactly what I want ! And I won't settle for less,lol. In the meantime I check them out, go out on dates to get to know them and have fun. Simple as that.Anyway, that's me off again , sunny day , but work later -hugs from here .

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