Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Energy restored

Good morning, I had a good night sleep and my energy levels after the night shift have been restored again.Had a nice relaxing bath before going to bed and slept like a baby.
I am really turning into a lazy designer. As long as the weather is so nice I just cannot be bothered to do much. Guess that will change again when the weather gets bad or summer is over. In the moment I'm just enjoying being out. Tonight it's meeting up with Stephen again and we'll be trying out Grizzly's , the new Restaurant and Bar.
Also, my herbs have been growing so well that I was able to cut for the first time this year. Mint and Sage are now bundled up to dry and will then be stored in jars for autumn and winter time.These are just taken with my phone, so not that fantastic.
lol, here's a snapshot of me chilling out and on the laptop chatting.
Otherwise nothing new to tell or show, I do not tend to take the camera with me when I ride my bike-I should really, because I have come across some nice things worth taking pics of on the way. Anyway, I'm off , get this mop dry and into town, then do some work in here.Have a great day.Hugs Raven

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