Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hi, wishing you all a nice and happy Easter .I have just got out of bed after my night shift. The 12 hour shift I did was dragging on, but I finally got home and into bed yesterday morning. In the afternoon I met up with Stephen for a couple of drinks.We sat in the sun at the Harbour Inn  and had a few drinks, before I had to go home again to cook some dinner, catch a little nap and back to work for another shift.But I managed to get some more parts for the kit done.
Here two more qps with some of the new parts of the kit.

The cycling to and from work is definitely doing the trick, I'm loosing more weight slowly. Although coming off a night shift and having to peddle home is bloody exhausting,lol. I'm definitely looking forward to my bed after that ! Today will be a quiet mellow day , I will just tidy up a bit and cook dinner, switch on one washing machine, maybe have another little nap later , chat a little and then on the bike for one last night shift. And then I'm off work for a few again, hooray !
Here's another tune I like -"Don't hold your Breath"(move on-don't look back) by Nicole Scherzinger
Hugs Raven

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