Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sampler in Store and Photobucket should get a grib !

Hi again,
Came home from work last night and Photobucket with my background image where still making changes,As they had these nice graphics announcing that the picture would be back soon plastered all over and nobody could read a thing I decided to remove the background until they have finished.They are close to 24 hours now -how long does it bloody take ?! Not all Users seem to affected , I can still look at pictures in the Scrapravens album, just as soon as I want to log in the sign about improvements pops up and I can go no further. Ah well, gotta wait and check when they are back, my blog looks bare and boring without the background.
Today is photo shoot for the new ID card , so I  better post  the sampler preview and layout I made now, I think the quote on the LO speaks for itself- I know quite a few people this applies to, including myself  when I was still married. Oh, I have learned a lot since then,lol. At work everybody says I'm like a new woman , so obviously the change in these two short years since splitting up is noticeable.  I could make a layout collection soon-Snowy's wisdom quote collection ,lol............F*%£(*&+>*** 4shared won't let me log in and upload the sampler ! Oh yes, I forgot-Mercury Retrograde messing about ! Ok ,let's try, that works, so I can upload,lol
And here the sampler preview-as always to pick up on my Store page.
Now I better get ready to go , it's lovely sunshine out there , so taking a walk is no hardship. Night shift later , so nap time this afternoon. Have a great day :)

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