Saturday, April 02, 2011

Resource Goodies

well, a new learning curve for me. I.m trying to find my way around in Photoshop CS5 extended version....certainly takes some getting used to after working in CS3. But I'm getting there. I practiced with brushes yesterday and as a result have some brand new Overlays for CU ready. Paint shop Pro X3 has new features as well- another program I will have to get used to. Windows 7 was easy to get used to , it really is a mixture of Windows and Vista packed together. Photbucket is pissing me off lately.I make a slideshow with 20 images in it and it only shows 3 or 4 of them...wonder if they are making upgrades as well...if so ,something is definitely going wrong !
And I have a recipe for you-King Prawn Salad...yummie, healthy and very tasty !
You need Pasta,King Prawns,Celery,Cucumber,Lettuce,Sweetcorn,Tomatoes,2 hard boiled eggs and Thousand Island Dressing.
This is perfect for me to take to work in a container as it does not need to be warmed up, but also perfect for Spring and Summer days...and if you want to loose some weight,lol.
Anyway -here the new products and previews for better detail. Overlays and Laceborders now in Store.

The dating site had a surprise for me last night-I found an old friend on there I had lost contact with! I was looking through the pictures and came across a pic of this guy...I thought "hey,I know that face!" -so I sent a message and had a reply in my inbox this morning.We'll be catching up and with a good chat.
Weather here is absolutely beautiful again-61 degrees already , and it's only 10.00 am and glorious sunshine. That's why I won't be spending more time on here now, I want to go out and catch some sun and fresh air before work at 3 pm.
See you later,lol-Hugs :)

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