Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing for Royalty

...only kidding,lol -Good morning , We have our own Royalty ie. high management coming to see our new work place today. So we have been told what to wear (Company Polo -shirts and trousers) and make ourselves look nice for this occasion. I was up at 5 am , already showered by now and on my second cup of coffee and breakfast. I normally wanted to go to bed a little earlier last night but totally forgot the time while chatting.If not for Stephen reminding me I would have carried on,lol. So today all the official  stuff  and introductions, finish work at 4pm ,then quickly to the Cycle shop to pick up some stuff from my order which has arrived, home, cook dinner , tidy up a bit , chat again as usual  and bed .I really am getting nothing done this week. Further program : Friday 12 hour shift from 7pm -7am , on my bike , home , catch some beauty sleep out, home get ready for another night shift , and then a third one on Sunday .... sleep half of Monday , get some things done in the afternoon , meet up with him in the evening.Tuesday ,Wednesday,Thursday off-whooohooo ! Maybe I can carry on with my kit design then. And now I have to plug in that hair dryer and get this mop on my head dry -have a great day.
Hugs Raven

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