Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to work

Morning peeps -that's it !My time off is over again for 6 days . Office is moving , we will be getting training to use the new equipment , and I doubt I will find much time to get on the computer this week. Instead of shifts I will be working 10 am -6 pm for the next days , then a 12 hour shift on Friday. So posting here will not be possible all the time and I won't get much done. As everybody has been posting pics of their plants and flowers recently I thought I give you a quick update on my Windowsill Kitchen Herbs-they are growing fantastic !
And now it's already time for me to grab a shower and get ready for work-have to travel a bit further now and leave earlier to get to work. Quick "good morning" text on the phone (at least I'm not the only one back to work today ,lol) ,finish coffee and off I go once my mop of curls is dry. Have a great day -Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

Your herbs look wonderful! Yeah, lots of people show pictures of gardens flowers, spring things etc.
It's kind of inspiring.
I would try my hand too on some veggies. Have to ind large pots to plant them, but it could be fun and often they look great too. May be I can find some seeds or even small plants of some.
Sorry girl I wasn;t on msn, but I didn't spend as much time at the computr as ususal the past few days. Next time you're off work, I will try, to hop in okay?
Have a nice day