Friday, April 01, 2011

Lazy afternoon...

...yesterday. Hi again, after work ,I just did my normal stuff here and then went upstairs to chill with a book on the bed ....and promptly fell asleep,lol.Talk about a lazy afternoon ! Getting up at 4.20 am does that to me -thankfully it's back to late and nightshifts now. I also tidied up my blog a bit , deleted old posts and just left the ones with freebies in it. The images will have to be deleted from the Picasa web album to make room for new ones-blogger only allows a certain amount of space.If you run out it will not let you upload , you have to delete or purchase more space.
I had a look on my external drive and there are so many tubes which I never published.So that's the next thing I'm doing. With nicer weather coming I cannot be bothered to sit hours on the computer to design new things all the time -I wait till the mood hits me again,lol.In the meantime I will wrap up theses tubes and put them into the store. This is what's up for grabs now. All are now with Commercial licenses.

As for the interesting activities on the dating website this morning , there is currently one that is worth getting to know and seems to be an interesting nice guy ...the rest (6 this morning) were a case of "delete" straight away.
Anyway ,things to do before work -Hugs Snowy

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