Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Get me a straight jacket -in violet if possible ! What a boring day,lol. Have you ever sat around 8 hours doing nothing? If this week carries on like this I will really need that jacket. We cannot do much at work because nothing works or is connected yet, still-we have to be there. We really are getting paid for doing nothing. And the time creeps .... this says it all , cigarette breaks, playing on the mobile phone etc.

 Please let the engineers be finished soon ,so we can go back to normal !
On the other hand, I didn't know doing nothing can be so exhausting - by 9.30 pm I was yawning and ready for bed. After Vampire Diaries that is !Need my favourite Vampire Damon fix first,lol.Let's see how today goes....I'm hoping for a a bit more excitement. And hopefully for working Internet -missed my evening chat last night.Although I was offered a pink straight jacket via mobile phone .... a  (ex) Goth in pink? Yeah right ....I can't see that being a colour for me,lol. to see what mischief I can cause today . Have a nice day :) Hugs

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