Friday, April 22, 2011

More pics from the "work madness"

Morning ,lol
I came home from work with stomach ache from too much laughing yesterday.Every day seems to get worse! Don't get me wrong , we do what has to be done, but in between there is plenty of laughter and mischief. It's a rare occasion to have the whole team working one shift together, so we are making the most out of it. Here some more pics.
Roy our domestic God(dess)- frilly pink apron will be his Christmas present. The team will get a collection going for him
Christine making us all hungry-naughty girl !
...and yet another break to catch some sunlight and have a cigarette...not sure what Chris is looking out for there...
this next one is a pic Chris took-just love Roy's face in this,lol
So it was a lot of fun on our last day all together ,today it's back to normal. Twelve hour shift from 7pm to 7 am , that will drag.... but I have messenger on my phone , so can still chat in between,lol. . And now it's time to do some work here- have a good day, all of you as well.
Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

So nice you have a good team to work with and can have fun too!
It's nice weather again, so I think I will not spend too much time on the computer. Have printer problem too, I found some tutorials on how may be to fix it, but I am not good at that. There always is something in it I don;t understand, or when I follow instructions, with me it isn;t working. I wished I had someone to fix it for me, for my HP all in one printer C4270. It's not scanning anymore and now not printing either! Well, may be one of these days I will be brave enough to try, but I am not sure.
If you should now someone who could help, even with taking over my computer for a moment, wow.
But for now I will forget about it and enjoy the weather.!
Have a great shift, and day