Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm lovin' it

Lol- morning ! Did I say how much I'm loving my time off? After a spell of so many hours it makes you appreciate some quality time off even more ! I spent lots of time working on my projects again. And last night I simply stretched out in my bed with one of my new books and was reading. It seems ages since I had time to relax like this. Last time was in fact while I was across in the USA and chilled out with Erik.Since I came back in November it was then just work,work,work.... so I'm really making the most out f it now !
I am able to show you some pictures this morning of progress on that album. This was what it started off as- an album with blank white pages.
After adding background papers and photos I started to add embellishments and short journaling now. The cover is slightly chalked to give it an old worn look.

I will still chalk and stamp this as well, but had to wait for any glue to be complete dry. The tag and words are rub-ons , and I glued on strips of paper for the journaling.
This already has some jounaling and borders etc added.
My favourite pages so far, I put beads on a wire to make a little bead charm to dangle down, plus other little charms as well.The silver star fish is from a bracelet which broke years ago, I kept it and now it found it's use. plus there are little glued on hearts and another charm which I decorated with tiny seed pearls.
So there you go- I will carry on with this book today a bit. Apart from that it's baking day for me - getting that cake done for tomorrow. And tonight us girls meet up for a group chat on MSN -looking forward to that. We discuss and plan the new Download for February and maybe even get themes and colours together for some of the following months. And of cause have a good "catch -up " as well. You should always mix work with pleasure , so I will get the drinks ready and some cookies for having a good old chat time. And now I'm off - lots to do as always ,lol.-Hugs from here

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