Thursday, January 06, 2011

Working day and how to recycle Clam shells,lol

Hi again, it was a working day for me mainly- it took me quite a while to catch up on all the housework which I could not get done while I was working so many hours. But it's done and everything is looking nice, clean and tidy again. To relax in the evening I first watched one of the Pats games which I could not watch because I was at work. But Internet is great in that way and Russel downstairs found a download and burned it to DVD for me-hooray ! Then I designed a little and I also printed some photos for myself to hang on the wall. And I had an idea what to do with those clam shells which I kept after making Clam Chowder. Now this is one way to recycle them,lol.
 They look fantastic in the corner of my bath in front of the oil burner
And they fit great into the corners of the picture frame
This is one I will do next, the Lighthouse picture looks great in my bathroom ! I'll show you again what it looks like when I have finished with it.I still have lots of shells left-let's see what I can do with the rest,lol.
Then I was playing in Poser and I just had to borrow a picture from Julie for this one.
Julies son Kevin- the Number 7 ,lol- her title for the picture was "Group Hug" - lmao.... her comment was " This is awesome!" -glad she likes it.
I'm writing this before going to bed again, so when I get up I can get ready and pop to the shop straight away. Clare will be coming Saturday and as we usually have a snack when she comes to visit. I will bake us a cake. So I will need to shop for some ingredients. Plus I didn't have a birthday cake - so we definitely deserve a little treat. I'm off to visit dreamland now - till next post.
Hugs Snowy

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