Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to work again

This was my last day off, so tomorrow morning it's a case of getting up early again - that's why I already post this tonight. Saves me some time in the morning. My Imbolc Spring cleaning is done and I even changed my bedroom around.I was reading up on Feng Shui and thought I give t a try. For my sign I 'm supposed to sleep with my head in the West or at least North -West. As I had the mattress off anyway , because I was cleaning under the bed as well it was easy to make the change and move some furniture around. And you won't believe the amount of dust which collects behind ! Plus I fixed a chest of drawers. The drawers always got stuck since it was build together several years ago. I dismantled the whole thing and build it together with new screws -and it works without any problems now. Who needs a man for such things? Not me ,lol. Same as the remote controlled Tower Fan which was declared broken - hah ! I fixed it as well !
This is my cozy corner now where I read and sleep. Of cause , the Dreamcatchers above my bed !

Now I only need to decorate my altar tomorrow for Imbolc. Everything is nice and clean , and I smudged every room with sage. It was a lot of work the past days, but definitely worth it.
So I only have one layout to show this time. A little bit of Pagan humour,lol.
Now I will go and see what Nikki ,Matt, Ricky and the others in the Wiccan Connection have been up to , and then to bed early - but first some music again. Rhianna and David Guetta - Who's that chick ( one of the songs which makes all the cleaning jobs a bit more fun) I just wanna dance,lol -Hugs Snowy

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