Saturday, January 15, 2011

One tired Witch

Morning all, I came home from my Night shift not long ago and thought I quickly write my blog before I'm off to bed. I have been busy to make previews for two kits this time. A part of this used to be free downloads , the rest was part of the Store kit on our old site. These detailed previews take up quite a bit of time, but has to be done. I have a few folders uploading while I write this, but I am not going to stay up and do them all now. My head would most likely hit the keyboard and Shaun would find me snoring at the desk later. So I will carry on with that after a few hours of beauty sleep. But I show you the main previews.
Two very different style kits.
Plans for the weekend-I got my new "Spirit and Destiny"Magazine yesterday and there was an interesting Article in there. "Heal yourself in a weekend- Physically and mentally strung out? Recharge your batteries with our 48 hour rescue plan" - what it basically is, is plenty of "me-time" a healthy pamper weekend. The good thing is it doesn't cost the world and very little is needed for it. Seasonal fruit and veg, herbal teas, Porridge or oatmeal based cereal, essential oil, salt. Sounds quite simple , hey? I lose a few hours due to sleep , but that doesn't matter. I can still go into Monday.
First task- de-stress your body !
I think sleep sounds an ideal stress buster , but they have other things in mind.They are talking about exercise to unwind, and say it's a good way to cleanse your body , mind and soul. A walk is acceptable as well - but that's after my power nap !
Second task- reduce your intake of caffeine -it dehydrates and you should keep yourself hydrated.Ok - so I will be on the herbal teas later in the day.
Third task-boost you nutrients- a simple vegetable soup
Fourth task- meditate for inner calm (I definitely need sleep before I do that , otherwise I end up just falling asleep while meditating !)
And last task for the day -relax with a soothing soak. Now that sounds wonderful -bath time! You should use a dew drops of relaxing lavender or chamomile essential oil in the water, light a candle or oil burner and just relax -simple . Sounds good to me and I can do with some "re-charging" ! I'll let you know how it goes ,lol -for now it's bed time, so till tomorrow. Hugs Snowy

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