Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mellow Sunday

Hi again
I'm writing quite late today. Came home from work, did my usual housework, ironed the laundry and then went for a nap.I'm fit for watching the Pro Bowl which starts at midnight over here.
20 minutes to go,lol.
My herb seeds which I planted 5 days ago are doing well and have started to pop out of the earth.

 I finished another book - yes, I sometimes read more than one at the same time as well, exactly the same as with working on my kits -if I get stuck on one ,I carry on with the other. This one I can really recommend ! It's a journey of self discovery- full of twists and turns. You gain a new and deeper understanding of yourself, it helps to assert your own individuality and self realisation.It also makes you more aware of how to use and maximise you unique gifts and talents, and also makes you aware how we sometimes block our own progress. Well worth a read , you go through the pages and think "yeah- I can really relate to that" and "Why haven't I thought of that before?"
In design I have started to work on the March kit - I have prepared a quickpage as a little teaser.
And I'm currently busy searching the big www. for a site where I can get candle making and dreamcatcher supplies in larger quantities for a good price. I plan to make and offer different varieties and sizes. The spell candles will be dipped and smaller , the Chakra Candles in a larger size, made in moulds, and I also plan on making nice smelling tea lights. This is really only in the planning stages so far, I have a lot of  different items to purchase to get started. For example I will need two different kinds of wax - dipping wax , and Paraffin wax. Add to that the dye to create the different colours,moulds, the wicks etc.... luckily I already have plenty of essential oils to make my own aroma mixes for the candles. And I don't want to go for one of the ready mixed packages which are so often on sale-this will be made from scratch to add my very own signature to it.
Some fantastic news for me. I found out I have 11 days of leave left to take before the end of March. So I'm taking 6 days in Feb and 5 in March. Only two more shifts , then I am off for 10 days ! 6 leave plus 4 which I'm on rota break anyway - so that's fantastic! Specially as it falls on the 2nd of Feb as well , which is a Sabbath -it's Imbolc.
Anyway - enough for now. I'll make myself a nice cup of tea now and get comfortable to watch the football.
Hugs Snowy

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