Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another kit finished and a magickal date

Hello again, whooo !What a date we had yesterday ! 11/1/11 - the energy was great ! Healing Light Network have the next event on the 19th , when its full moon where quite a few of my Pagan friends will take part. It's fantastic to connect with a group of like minded people.
I have been busy , before and after work to finish off the first Spring /Garden kit. Now that this is completed I can fully concentrate on designing the February freebie.
I will show you the main preview, the detailed previews still have to be done, also the sampler-now doesn't this look nice and sunny to chase the Winter mood away?
I'm planning to release it towards end of the month , in February we have the Sabbath called Imbolc and this seems an ideal time then. February is also the time to get some seeds into the earth. If you, like myself, do not have a garden and use the windowsill to grow herbs than that is the ideal time to to it. I usually grow chives ,parsley , thyme, sage and various other useful herbs in pots by the kitchen window. So come end of this month and I will need to shop for some new seeds and compost to get started again.I also want to make some candles and soap again, so I will need to get some supplies for that as well.
I have one layout to show which I made with my "Faith" kit, I thought the quote just fit perfectly with this picture.
Send some healing for Minky ,she writes :
Today I ask You to send Me some
Healing Rainbows ...
My Hand has gone into the first stages of RSD...
I am withdrawing to go into some serious Healing !
...Thanxxxxxxxxxxx for all Your Love and Blessings shared for taking care of My Sanctuary for Me .
And now I'm off again to do my housework , another late shift today and I still have to cook before work as well. So have a great day all of you, even though it might be snowing where you are -here it's just pouring down with rain this morning ...yuck...
Hugs Snowy

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