Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday and Kit finished

Hi again,
I have 2 more shifts to work and then I'm off a few day - 2 nights to do. Shaun got another job last night. He received a phone call from Notleys this time. One of their bouncers had gone sick so Shaun jumped in.
And ...Yippiee....I finally got that kit finished ! Actually, it became quite large and I couldn't even fit everything on the preview.
Still have to do more detailed previews , but I got a quickpage done from it.
And Casey has been busy again and I found one of his quotes/poems I liked and scrapped with this kit.
On 2nd of February is Imbolc, one the Spring Sabbats. Tradition is the Spring Cleaning before. So I guess on one of those days off I will get busy in here. The curtains could do with a wash, the windows cleaned and there are a few other jobs which usually don't get done regularly.
Plus I will plant my herb seeds for my kitchen window sill again.
Another two kits will have to be upload to the store by the 1st of February and I'm itching to try out some more videos on Al's web site. Here is one I used for this kit- the pin button I made from Al's Tutorial. Enlarged for better detail.
Anyway, that's all again for today, now it's time to get some work done in here.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Good for you, having some extra sleep. Some errands have to wait then for another day to be done, who cares ??? LOL
Lovely new kit and wonderful quickpage! Hold on, just 2 more shifts and you can take it more easy again for a moment. Now what you mean by the jobs in the house, that aren't taken care of regularly, have to do some next week too.
Oh winning a lottery with lots of money and be able to hire somebody for a day a week to do those things, hahaha, keep dreaming girl
Till later, hugs