Monday, January 17, 2011

A wet and rainy morning

Good morning , well-looking out the window I can't see that much good,lol. It's absolutely pouring with rain here again.
Yesterday was a very mixed day. It started nice and sunny in the morning , then in the afternoon the sun disappeared and it got quite grey and a little foggy. After doing my chores yesterday I went out into the sun a little, afternoon I meditated and had a "power nap" , because I knew it would be a late night with the football on. Oughhh ...what a disappointment -I was cursing, swearing and stomping my feet. Yeah , you got it-the Pats lost last night to the Jets. Good bye Superbowl ! But it was a good game and had me hooked the whole time. The Pats did 2 silly mistakes which cost them dearly. Ah well. During the game Shaun and myself stuffed ourselves with popcorn. I put a little bit too much into my pan and the lid was actually lifting off ! Mini explosions in my kitchen,lol.
Never mind the microwave popcorn-this is the proper stuff. I just buy a bag of corn from the health food shop, a little oil into the pan and add the corn- and don't forget to put a lid on !! Then I can add whatever I want - I prefer sugar , but some like salt as well.
Anyway , I made another dreamcatcher -I love creating them and then this layout with poem.
Well , there are only a few more tasks left for this re-charge weekend, which I started late , due to my night shift. Today its "indulge your skin" -put a handful of sea salt into a bowl, add a few drops of essential oil, a teaspoon of base oil like almond, olive or hemp oil. And then mix and start scrubbing. Massage all over your body , from feet up towards your heart, then rinse off  with the shower- makes your skin nice a smooth. Why pay lots for an exfoliating product if you can make it really cheap yourself?
And "create some instant healing" -rub your palms together vigorously for a minute. The hold your palms a few inches apart, as if you are holding a small ball. Can you feel warmth or tingling coming from your hands?  Now "bounce"  the energy and feel it pulse as you move your hands in and out. Hold your hands further apart as if you are holding a larger ball, imagine in the center of your palm is a circular area that can send healing energy-rub the spot with the thumb of the other hand to open up this area. Repeat on the other hand. If you want to send healing energy you can hold your hands over a part of your body or a chakra and visualize healing energy  pouring in from the top of your head and streaming out through the healing spots of your hand- there you go, you are doing a form of Reiki !
And surround yourself with colour , specially on grey Winter days colour can have an uplifting effect !
That's enough from me again for now -this Witch has things to do again , so till next post .
Hugs Snowy

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