Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Nightshift? Hah-change of plans again

Did I say I would be on Nights in my last post? Oooops ...nope , it's changed again. After writing my last post I climbed the stairs to my bedroom , got undressed, put my head on the pillow and drifted off to dreamland..... only to be woken about 3 hours later by a message from my colleague Roy, saying Chrissy had gone sick , and could I come in to cover her shift at 3 pm ? By that stage it was about 12.15am - less than 3 hours to start of that shift. So me up and into the kitchen , extra strong coffee to get me going and on the phone to tell Roy I would be getting ready. Oh my Goddess - what a Birthday,lol. First it was quite ok , but about 6pm the lack of sleep was starting to catch up on me and I kept myself going with an energy drink and diet coke.
Anyway-it's done.And last night was New Moon , so I spent some time working on other things and promptly ended up with Dragonsblood ink all over my fingers-talk about Mrs Clumsy! Guess it was because I was so tired.
The photo book for Erik is making progress.
 Now I need to add more embellishments and some journaling.Also the Cross stitch picture is slowly filling out a bit more.

And I have carried on a bit with designing in between all this
And now it's time to catch up with some work in here again, Laundry and cleaning to do, so I better get busy-after a another cup of coffee, that is!
Hugs Snowy

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