Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last day off again

Good morning ,lol- I had a bloody good snooze this morning-woke up and though I was far too comfortable and warm to get up straight away, so I stayed in bed 20 more minutes and snoozed,lol. Ahhhh...the luxury of  being able to do that and not having to rush...lovely !
Apart from that ...I am really chilled out and calm , not stressed in anyway...that weekend really did the trick. And I wasn't at the computer that much either.Here is what I was creative with.
A yucky coloured cheap note book...to be transformed....
..a new cover, some embellishments...
..starting to look a lot better !
and a layout -I tried to make a phoenix -not too bad ,I think.
I'm also busy on finishing yet another kit, but I won't show that yet.Now it's time to get busy in here again after another coffee. Hugs Snowy

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