Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ahhhh ....late rising,lol

Good morning , for me it's a "no alarm-day" .I literally slept until I woke up on my own without being rudely woken up by my alarm clock. Reason-I'm working a long 12 hour night shift tonight and need my beauty sleep. I was busy yesterday to design the February freebie and can proudly say I have almost finished it. Besides getting carried away and creating a big kit for my Store to go with it. I can't show it yet , that would take the surprise away , but I can tell you it's Valentine related but there is no pink or red. Miriam picked the colours this time and she picked colours I really loved to work with. So hopefully today I will get the whole lot completed and into folders.
I discovered a new application on Facebook , and let me tell you it's addictive ! You can make sketches of your photos with it and I really love the results.
Remember the Lighthouse photo? This is what it looks like as a colourful sketch. I love the rainbow colour effect on it.
This is my profile picture - also sketched.
And you can also get your photo on a sketch pad , which I worked into a layout.Here is a teaser with a little of what I designed,lol. To say I'm very happy with the result is an understatement-I can see this kit becoming one of my personal favourites.
Talking of favourites- the Hockey Mad kit seems to be one favourite of you lot. I have sold one almost every day since I published it.Thanks so much for your orders, girls. I was able to get some new resources with part of the money yesterday - your orders make it possible to make me carry on with new designs. Poser resources sometimes cost aprox.$10.00 -depending where you shop.I try to make use of sales to get the things cheaper , but often it is the case that I'm looking for something specific theme related and then you can't wait weeks for the next sale.
Anyway - it's time for another coffee and then get busy in here.Will also have to take a walk into town and get some more cat food. I just put the last into the bowl and if I don't have more tonight I will have a cat revolt on my hands. I leave you with some wake-up music. Like a G6 - so catchy,and fantastic to work out to !
So till next post -hugs Snowy

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