Saturday, January 22, 2011

Late start to the day ...

Would you believe I only woke up at 10.30 am ? Lazy me ,lol!  I was awake earlier at about 6.30 am , looked at the clock , saw that it was still early and thought I have a bit more time in bed and went back to sleep. Only to wake up , look and clock and think "bloody hell...10.30 ? "  Ah well, it's weekend and obviously this is what my body wanted and needed , so I'm not too fussed about it , even though I wanted to get more things done this morning before work , and I won't have the time now.
I carried on designing a few more pieces for that kit I've been working on , but it's still not complete. As most of the time I make everything from scratch myself, and I had to create some overlays first to make more backgrounds.
I created a layout with the pieces I have so far, I love the lyrics form this song.
That's as far as my creativity would let me have time for yesterday. Now it's time for another cup of coffee, grabbing a shower, doing some cooking for myself and Shaun for dinner later and then it will already be time to go to work again.Here is another song I like , Bruno Mars -Grenade
Have a nice weekend  all of you .
Hugs Snowy

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