Sunday, January 09, 2011

Too damn early again

Ough.... I hate getting up this early ...damn early shifts ! But yesterday was certainly an interesting day ! I had a message come through.... yeah, I was taking part in personal message event with Medium Michael Roland Harger and promptly got a phone call from him in the morning with a message which had come through for me to him..One of my guides is a very fierce looking one- a Warrior Angel.He detected a lot of chaos in my life and pinpointed some things he couldn't have known.My message was"get out there and get it done- kick ass ! " Yes,lol- he really used those words ! I have to say I was impressed, but this was exactly what I had planned to do this year anyway. And the Warrior is just too fitting , considering my Patron Goddess is the Morrighan , another Warrior Goddess -guess this means I have more battles ahead of me. So be it ! I'm ready.
Clare came yesterday and we had such a laugh ! She brought Skipper , her dog along. I was just too funny to see him trying to run after Shaun's glove on my floor, -it's very smooth,lol. Yuck, Shaun threw this slobbering wet doggy glove at me and hit me with it. My cats are still freaked out by the way.

Wasn't on the computer much , so not much done. In the morning I was busy and prepared a big pot of healthy Lentil stew with lots of veg,Clare in the afternoon and was sat here talking with Shaun in the evening and then to bed early for me. But I have one layout done which I just had to do.
And now it's time to get my hairdryer out and get ready -with some music,lol
Hugs from here -Snowy

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