Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day off and new kit in Store

Good morning ! The fae are loose ! Yes , I manged to get the Tuatha kit done and into the Store yesterday evening.

Plus of cause the free sampler again.
Apart from that it was a day to chill and do some more of my crafty things-no energy after night shift for much more,lol. I got another Dreamcatcher ready .....

I have just received a custom order as well, to make a black and pink as someones birthday present - so that will be the next task. Will have to find some black materials to get it ready.
And my first Imbolc task is done! I planted my herb seeds last night. All they need now is time to grow.

And now it's time to get a shower ....after another coffee , that is,lol .
Hugs Snowy

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