Monday, January 10, 2011

Another early morning....

...but hey, I'm on my second cup this time , so I am a lot more awake. Plus my coffee is slightly stronger now than it used to be-that helps,lol.
I was quite creative yesterday after I came home from work.After dinner ,washing up and switching the washing machine on for another load of laundry I got busy with Poser first and chased the Winter mood away with my first Spring themed tubes.This is what I made so far - it's all about gardening.
Then I had enough of sitting on the Computer and  got my craft box out-I made a Dreamcatcher. It's actually quite simple, you have a wire circle and suede string , which gets wrapped tightly around the wire.
 Then you start weaving the first loops in the center of this frame and going inwards secure them with a knot each time.
Once you have reached the center more knots in small circle secure the net and you can start adding embellishments like  suede string hanging down the sides, feathers and beads.
My finished result then looks like this. And it looks fantastic hung up in my bedroom now with the other decorations.
 Then it was of cause to bed early for me , so I'm fit for another early shift. I have already another project planned , but also still have to finish the cross stitch picture and album first. Now it's time to have some breakfast for me and then off to work again , so I better get going,But first some "wake-up music" - this is ideal,lol - turn it up !!!!
Hugs Snowy

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