Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick post before work

Hi all,
thought I post quickly here before heading into town and work after that. Football was quite entertaining last night. I had my fingers crossed for the NFC and they won in the end. Beginning of the game until the first half they were well in front and despite AFC trying to catch up in the second half they didn't quite make it,lol.
I want to point out another book to you which I will order and read myself. It's written by Michael , who is on my Facebook Friends list and also gave me messages from Spirit in a call. No - it didn't cost me anything , it was a free call- he phoned me ! and he also does conference calls (free) for those who want to learn more about healing and Spirit renewal. He has written his first book about his experiences and teaches how you can learn and achieve it for yourself.
Michael now practices his disciplines in a remote healing format with clients from around the world. He also leads workshops and seminars in Europe and North America.

I can only say that my messages were spot on ! He relayed messages from one of my Spirit guides and it was just amazing.I could actually feel the energy through the phone when I talked with him. The book is available on
and this is his website
and of cause on Facebook. You always have to be careful, there are so many fakes about -but he certainly convinced me with saying things he couldn't have known. I can only recommend him.
I worked on a few quote layouts this morning for my ever growing collection. Here is one of them. I used a photo from my altar as background for it. Simple , yet effective,lol.
And now it's time to get my coat -have a great day
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Great you will have a long period free time! May be we can manage to get my thing going, we'll see.
Glad I am indoors now again, was at the market, but though it wasn;t too bad, after a while iI was getting cold. Brrrr.
But it was succesfull. Tomorrow will be kitchen day LOL