Monday, January 10, 2011

Gothic moods

Hello again, I just caught up with blog hopping and had to chuckle when I read Kyra's. But yes- I agree whole heartily , thank the fuck the holidays are over for a while ! Excuse the language , but I'm through with putting little stars up to make a swearword look nicer. You know me and I say what I think , and that's how I feel ,lol.
Today at work I filled out my Leave card and discovered I still have 11 days left to take until 31st of March. So I put in a leave request straight away. Half of the days in February and the other half in March. I will need to take another day in April because another concert visit is planned. This time Kamelot in London.
Design - I have created some more tubes in Poser this evening.Rather Gothic looking stuff this time. Yeah, I already have a kit in mind for it.
I carried on a bit with my cross stitch, with such a large picture the progress is slow.
But I'll get there eventually

This video caused a laugh -Michelle said :
omg the hair cut, looks like u in some of them older photos u have hahaha.............
Yes , I know,lol-I really used to have this sort of hairstyle when I was ,hey? I rather like the lyrics of this song as well- been singing along to this all day.

That's all for now- Hugs Snowy

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